Who we Are

Who we Are

Who we Are


At such a Time of standardization of fashion Antonia Nicoletti send an important message passing through the re-discovery of true quality and craftmanship, two elements that ever make the difference.
A return to the past in terms of matter and thecnology but a leap into the future in terms of stile.
Thanks to economics study, toward which her father addressed her, Antonia succeeds to mediate the cold world of business with the will of give emotions. 

This is the meaning of the message that the brand wants to promote in aesthetic and cultural terms: make ricognizable, pleasant and desirable products able to stimulate, in the observer, a desire of identification.
The mix between business and craft is favorite by Antonia’s family. Her father was a businessman while her grandfather was an important artisan in the native town of Antonia, in Calabria.

After her studies, and also thanks to the help of her brothers Elisa and Eugenio that help her in the process of quality control, Antonia continues to cultivate her passion for fashion, attending courses that let her to make her dream come true.
A new brand is born! AEN69 A new immagine of the true Made in italy.


Our Philosophy


All our products are made by expert hands of the artisanal tradition of Tuscany. 
Years of experience that translate into precision, style, excellent quality of our artisanal products.


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Most of the leather of our products are Vegetable-tanned, as the Tuscan tradition wants.  
In this way they matures together with us and the signs of time, changing and revealing naturalness.
Every day a new discover!

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